The Four LIAFPN Pillars




The saying goes “it’s all about who you know”, but in truth it is the most connected people who are often the most successful. Coming together as an organization gives each and every LIAFPN member the strength and support to excel in their professional and personal lives.



Staying on top of the latest trends in our industries is a must if we are to do our jobs well. Our clients count on our ability to know what they do not, to be the best that we can, and to always strive to do better for them. Being an LIAFPN member means you are always at the forefront of best practices and procedures in the accounting, insurance, financial advisory, and legal fields.

Professionalism and Value Creation


Members of LIAFPN are highly esteemed individuals and leaders in their respective fields. Each member utilizes their experience and core competencies to help their clients achieve their specific desired goals. In serving their respective marketplaces members maintain a mindset and a commitment to being a resource for each other. Consequently, professional alliances are formed and clients are referred back and forth.



Actively giving back to the community and supporting selected charities is an LIAFPN must. Promoting generosity throughout the organization is just as important as the connections we make and the value we provide to one another as resources. LIAFPN is a community of professional service providers that understand that doing “good” and doing well go hand-in-hand.

A message from our founders

LIAFPN was started to bring Long Island’s top Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax planning professionals together as one community, who when provided with exceptional resources and the opportunity for teamwork, would bring greater value to their communities and clients. Our core pillars of Connection, Education, Professionalism, Value and Charity guide our actions and allow us to continue building and growing as individuals and as a successful organization to this day.

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